Bring Shades Of Grey Into Reality

Girl_and_Handcuffs_Stock_13_by_MagicDancer23This post came to fruition because I bought a new Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy from – a lovely strap to use with my new partner!

Christian Grey dominated the imaginations of women worldwide just as successfully as he dominated Anastasia in the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. If you’re looking to spice things up like Christian and Anastasia, just read below.

Do it on a Desk. Find a business office and a willing partner and get it on; on a desk. Bonus points if you dramatically throw everything on the desk to the floor. Double bonus points …

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Fun Factory Big Boss G4 Vibe Vitamin Review

ss-1000000344Whether it is my outfit, my car, or my furniture, everything is always bright and colorful. So I knew when I was looking for a new vibrator that even though functions would be at the top of my list, I knew that I would not be ordering a vibrator unless it was also bright and colorful.

It didn’t take long browsing through the vibrator section at my local sex toys shop for the Fun Factory Big Boss G4 Vibe Vitamin to catch my eye. It is an incredibly brilliant and flamboyant orange color that I fell in love with immediately. …

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Dating Tips For Women

futuresexThe world of dating can be a frustrating and disappointing place for women. Here are some tips to help you find Mr. Right.

Some fun dating tipcs .. video

  1. Always be yourself. This piece of advice may sound easy but in reality it is anything but. When you begin dating a new man it can be tempting to agree with things he says or does in an effort to show him you’re the woman he’s looking for. But pretending to share interest or agree on issues will only hurt you in the long run. If you don’t have anything in
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iRide Review

cv-1634970004Just like most contemporary ladies, I love to have fun with toys. I own a significant collection that varies from massagers and rabbits, to eggs and dildos. Nevertheless, every time I used one of my playthings it usually felt like something was lacking.

The iRide thanks to Doc Johnson and MrandMrsSugar

Finally I realized that the thing I was missing was that sort of deeply thrusting motion that a vibe or dildo alone just can’t deliver, or at least so I thought until I discovered the iRide.

This unique toy lets me play in ways that no other vibrator or …

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Maximize Your Solo Sex Pleasure

masturbation-reasons-011There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a fruitless solo sex session. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you reach the Big O on your own.

  1. Take time to get yourself in the mood. Your partner spends time getting you aroused before intercourse; masturbation is no different! Your body needs time to relax before it can focus on pleasure. Light some aromatherapy candles, turn on sexy music or practice deep breathing exercises before you begin pleasuring yourself.
  2. Use plenty of lube! Whether you’re enjoying some clitoral teasing or manual penetration, the slipperiness provided by extra lubrication will enhance
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Picobong Outie Vibe Cerise Review

ss-1000000272I have to admit that my bedside drawer is almost overflowing with sex toys. Even though it looks like the drawer is about to burst I realized that there was something missing. With all those vibrators around I didn’t have a single one that was small enough to pack away and take with me on my vacation.

The solution was simple, all I had to do was go to my favorite sex store online and browse through the selection of Mini & Small vibes. I found the perfect vibe right away with the Picobong Outie Vibe Cerise. I love this …

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Why Sleeping With Your Friend is a Bad Idea

lg_c373fe07122890576132439It can sometimes be very tempting to turn your friend into your friend with benefits. You enjoy their company, why not get even more out of the relationship by enjoying their body? Here are some reasons you should leave your friendship platonic.

Platonic friendships between two people of the opposite sex are difficult enough to achieve without bringing sex into the mix; inevitably one person will have more serious feelings than the other. If you’re the one interested in having a serious relationship, having sex with your friend will only lead to heartache. Increased intimacy will increase your feelings toward …

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How to Give Oral Sex to your Man like a Pro?

md_ebe30f1412078360691356There are women who’re okay at oral sex, then there are ones who can make their men go bonkers just with their tongues. I belong to the latter category! Are you interested in learning some tricks that’ll help you become a sex-goddess in the bedroom and make him go weak in his knees?! I’ll teach you some great oral sex tricks that will help you give fellatio like a professional!

To begin, bring your hands into play. They are a great asset in providing oral stimulation as they deliver the roughness which men crave for. Men love going rough on …

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Sex Myths Debunked

98112754You’ve probably heard one or two sex stories that you thought were lies. Here are some that definitely aren’t true.

  • Myth: You can tell the size of a man’s penis by the size of his hands or feet.

Fact: Sorry ladies, but there is no way to determine the size of a man’s penis except actually examining his penis. The size of his hands, feet or length and girth of his fingers in no way represent what he’s packing under his pants. Many small men have large penises and vice versa.

  • Myth: Masturbation causes blindness.

Fact: Masturbation causes orgasms, nothing …

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My Kitty Kaboom Teddy

cv-1827740001There’s always a joke about how I was meant to end up as that crazy old lady with a million cats, but somehow I beat the odds, because I have the perfect guy, and a bunch of cats. All joys of this aside, it usually means that I end up as the recipient of various cat gifts from mugs and sweaters, to watches and earings, almost all of them in bad taste.

So it was refreshing when my current BF told me that he had a cat themed gift for me, and it turned out to be something that we …

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