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Are Your Friendships Healthy Enough?

angels-victorias-secret-angels-27686994-800-562Many scientific studies have proven and established the direct connection between friendships among girls, and how these bonds help in enabling them to live a healthy and long life.

So, how healthy do you think you are? Do you often feel lonely, unfulfilled, depressed or sad at times?

If your answer to these questions is yes, are you able to find time for day-to-day interactions with your friends?

Whether you have just joined university and are juggling between study routines and extra-curricular activities, putting in tireless efforts every day to climb the corporate ladder, or are happy and contended with your love life, please keep in mind that none of these things will matter if you don’t have trustworthy girlfriends you can rely on.

Unlike men, it is absolutely essential for women to have friends to gossip with. We all need our daily dosage of laughter, love and all the drama which comes along with it. We long for that much-needed advice, support and need time to grow, nourish and cultivate healthy friendships.

Friendship is never a one-sided affair and it’s important for either one of the individuals to take the initiative to plan things, whether it be a movie, lunch or anything. Make time to catch up with your new friends and ensure that you are not distracted by other facets of your life when you are meeting up with them. Last weekend me and my girlfriends had a fun weekend – we set ourselves a challenge of buying the most wackiest sex toy we could find for under $20 from – we then shared our purchases over cocktails – it was fun.

All in all, we are social creatures and when it comes to girls, friendships play a key role in how we shape up our lives.