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Fun Factory Big Boss G4 Vibe Vitamin Review

ss-1000000344Whether it is my outfit, my car, or my furniture, everything is always bright and colorful. So I knew when I was looking for a new vibrator that even though functions would be at the top of my list, I knew that I would not be ordering a vibrator unless it was also bright and colorful.

It didn’t take long browsing through the vibrator section at my local sex toys shop for the Fun Factory Big Boss G4 Vibe Vitamin to catch my eye. It is an incredibly brilliant and flamboyant orange color that I fell in love with immediately. I was not about to be swayed by colour alone, but a look at the description and list of features made me positive that this would be the vibe for me.

First of all, the name Big Boss is not misleading; this is a seriously large vibrator. And I’m sure you’ll love the curving shaft and phallic tip as much is all I do when it hits my G-spot with its incredible vibrations. It is also easy to use, and I can get it in the perfect position every time, adjusting it with the finger ring loop at the bottom, plus it’s also rechargeable and even waterproof too.

I’m glad I found the Big Boss; I love everything about it from the large size to the powerful vibrations, and especially the bright orange hue that makes me almost as happy as the intense buzzing does.