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How I Take Care of My Lingerie

clotheslineThe new-age lingerie needs far more care and attention than its counterparts back in time. In this short article I will share some very important tips with you in order to assist you in the maintenance of your favorite garments and to ensure that they remain at their sexy best throughout the year.

I follow these very tips to keep my lingerie in top condition.

To start with, if you have both inclination and time, hand washing your lingerie in cold water may be a great idea. You can use some good quality soda based fabric cleaner. I completely understand if unlike me, you may find it quite difficult to hand wash your smalls considering your busy day-to-day schedule, a hectic lifestyle and a house buzzing with constant activity of kids and pets. Even when I am too caught up with things, I prefer plain machine washing only.

Regardless, there are some important considerations when it comes to safeguarding your inner garments. Let’s go over them now:

  • It is always better to go for cold wash cycle.
  • Never wring out your lingerie post the washing. Avoid drying them in the dryer and opt for hanging dry them in shade instead.
  • Invest in some good quality washing bag. They aren’t very expensive and are usually created with mesh like material. Keeping dirty lingerie in a washing bag will prevent them from the risk of stretching or snagging while inside the washing machine.
  • Make sure that you fasten your bra clips to prevent ripping apart of delicate materials.
  • Update your lingerie often, there is nothing more unflattering than wearing overstretched underwear that doesn’t fit properly. I love to shop at my local sex shop for my lingerie as they have something for every occassion