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How to Give Oral Sex to your Man like a Pro?

md_ebe30f1412078360691356There are women who’re okay at oral sex, then there are ones who can make their men go bonkers just with their tongues. I belong to the latter category! Are you interested in learning some tricks that’ll help you become a sex-goddess in the bedroom and make him go weak in his knees?! I’ll teach you some great oral sex tricks that will help you give fellatio like a professional!

To begin, bring your hands into play. They are a great asset in providing oral stimulation as they deliver the roughness which men crave for. Men love going rough on their shafts and since that isn’t possible with mouth, you need to bring your hands into the picture. Stroke his shaft constantly with your hands.

Once you’re done stroking him with your hands for some time, start licking. Many women get into the routine of giving oral sex by only their hands and never use their mouths. Well, it isn’t really oral sex for men if they aren’t given a head! If you wish to give him fellatio like a professional, you’ll have to use your tongue. Lick him thoroughly while you’re stroking his penis with your hands. Licking his penile head with your tongue is going to deliver some great stimulation.

Ensure that he is well lubricated before you go oral on him. Use some good quality water-based lubricant and apply it on his shaft as well as your hands before playing with him. The wetter he’ll be, the better the oral sex will be.