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In Your 20s? – Understand you’re Not Always Right but Don’t Lose the Child in You

article-2005447-038E148E000005DC-781_468x535Considering the stubbornness that comes with being in one’s 20s, it can get difficult to understand when to keep it aside. Often, we have to bite our tongue, only to learn some simple lessons of life!

There may be situations when you find it incredibly hard to accept things, especially when you are well aware that you are right indeed. However, sometimes it is best to make compromises and protect your relationship, to hold an upper hand. This is all the more applicable in workplace situations. 20s is the time when you learn how to stand up for yourself at critical times, but also to take a step back when necessary.

While you make it a point to put the stubbornness aside, there’s no need to kill the child inside you. Never ever lose the sight of your true self.

Although we grow tremendously in our 20s, we need to remember that we’re all young at heart and can sometimes have fun just like small children. There’ll be plenty of time to settle down, have children, grow up and worry about matters related to money. But your 20s will serve as a stepping stone to reach those milestones.

So, don’t refrain from going out on that crazy night out with girlfriends or that mysterious blind date. Why not buy those expensive pair of shoes right now when you can really afford them?! You will cherish all these memories when you look back at them later in your lives.