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iRide Review

cv-1634970004Just like most contemporary ladies, I love to have fun with toys. I own a significant collection that varies from massagers and rabbits, to eggs and dildos. Nevertheless, every time I used one of my playthings it usually felt like something was lacking.

The iRide thanks to Doc Johnson and MrandMrsSugar

Finally I realized that the thing I was missing was that sort of deeply thrusting motion that a vibe or dildo alone just can’t deliver, or at least so I thought until I discovered the iRide.

This unique toy lets me play in ways that no other vibrator or dildo ever could. All I need to do is place the iRide on my bed and jump on top. It gives me most of the features of my favourite toys, but lets me control every sensation. I can use it to ride up and down, or thanks to the curved bottom I can rock back and forth for an incredible sensation.

But it gets better than just being able to ride it and rock it, because with the press of a button it starts vibrating, and there’s a raised nub at the perfect spot that makes great contact with my clit so I can fully enjoy that boost of power. The iRide hasn’t completely replaced my other toys, but it sure is seeing a lot of use while they seem to be picked less and less, because they just can’t compare with the power and level of control that the iRide gives me.