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Maximize Your Solo Sex Pleasure

masturbation-reasons-011There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a fruitless solo sex session. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you reach the Big O on your own.

  1. Take time to get yourself in the mood. Your partner spends time getting you aroused before intercourse; masturbation is no different! Your body needs time to relax before it can focus on pleasure. Light some aromatherapy candles, turn on sexy music or practice deep breathing exercises before you begin pleasuring yourself.
  2. Use plenty of lube! Whether you’re enjoying some clitoral teasing or manual penetration, the slipperiness provided by extra lubrication will enhance your pleasure!
  3. Take your time! A woman’s chance of having an orgasm increases by 90% after 21 minutes of foreplay. Spend time stimulating each of your erogenous zones to maximize your chances of reaching climax.
  4.  Invest in good toys! While it’s definitely possible to bring yourself to climax using only your hands, a great sex toy can really speed up the process. The internet is a great resource for helping you find the toys that are right for you. Browse an online toy store and read the customer reviews of the toys that spark your interest.
  5. Relax! Just like a watched pot never boils, an anticipated orgasm never arrives. Instead of focusing on the end result of your solo sex session, focus on how you feel in each moment. If you focus solely on the pleasure you’re feeling your orgasm will take care of itself.