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My Kitty Kaboom Teddy

cv-1827740001There’s always a joke about how I was meant to end up as that crazy old lady with a million cats, but somehow I beat the odds, because I have the perfect guy, and a bunch of cats. All joys of this aside, it usually means that I end up as the recipient of various cat gifts from mugs and sweaters, to watches and earings, almost all of them in bad taste.

So it was refreshing when my current BF told me that he had a cat themed gift for me, and it turned out to be something that we not only both love, but is incredibly stylish too.

He got me the Kitty Kaboom Fishnet Teddy and I totally love it. It is completely sheer and makes foreplay a lot different and a lot of fun. There’s an opaque black collar that I can fold down to hide my nipples, or leave up to let them show, and I usually wear my Teddy with the garter straps attached, because I know he loves it when I wear my thigh high stockings. Best of all this outfit comes with both some black lame cat ears on a comfortable headband, and a fun cat mask to wear with it.

It is the one and only cat themed gift that I actually like and consistently use. Unlike the cat sweatshirt that sits in the back of my closet; the cat watch in the bottom of the jewellery box; or the cat mug in the back of the cupboard; this cat styled lingerie is at the top of my drawer and always in use.