Seeing Your Ex With Someone New

670px-Know-if-Your-Ex-Is-in-Love-with-Someone-Else-Step-4Breakups are painful; even if it was your decision to end things the death of a relationship will cause a multitude of emotions. And it is inevitable that as soon as you get these emotions under control you will run into your ex with his new girlfriend.

Ideally this wouldn’t happen until you’re already happily paired up yourself, but the ideal is often much different than reality. Here are some tips to survive such an awkward encounter.

  1. Maintain your composure at all times. It won’t do anyone any good for you to break down sobbing at the sight of your
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How I Take Care of My Lingerie

clotheslineThe new-age lingerie needs far more care and attention than its counterparts back in time. In this short article I will share some very important tips with you in order to assist you in the maintenance of your favorite garments and to ensure that they remain at their sexy best throughout the year.

I follow these very tips to keep my lingerie in top condition.

To start with, if you have both inclination and time, hand washing your lingerie in cold water may be a great idea. You can use some good quality soda based fabric cleaner. I completely understand …

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Three must try masturbation tips for women

or_f030f0a112169198971809-medium_newThe most indulgent pampering session known to womankind is masturbation; orgasms are good for your health, they can make you look younger and help you live longer, and there’s no risk of pregnancy or STDs. All you have to do is lie back, relax and enjoy the wave of pleasure.

Here are some of my favourite tips when it comes to masturbation

Start with gentle brush strokes. To get yourself in the mood grab a clean bronzer brush, lay on the bed and open your legs wide. Using gentle-barely there strokes, slowly move the brush between the divide of your …

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How to Get Ready for a Blind Date

Chicago-DatingSo you’ve been alone for awhile now and you finally agreed to let your friend set you up on a blind date. You’ve e-mailed back and forth and now that your date is approaching you’re in a panic. What will you talk about? What if you aren’t attracted to him?

Take a deep breath and follow these few simple tips to ensure your blind date isn’t a disaster.

Consider the conversations you’ve had through e-mail, texts or phone calls to come up with discussion topics. Have the mutual friend who set you up tell you about some of his interests …

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In Your 20s? – Understand you’re Not Always Right but Don’t Lose the Child in You

article-2005447-038E148E000005DC-781_468x535Considering the stubbornness that comes with being in one’s 20s, it can get difficult to understand when to keep it aside. Often, we have to bite our tongue, only to learn some simple lessons of life!

There may be situations when you find it incredibly hard to accept things, especially when you are well aware that you are right indeed. However, sometimes it is best to make compromises and protect your relationship, to hold an upper hand. This is all the more applicable in workplace situations. 20s is the time when you learn how to stand up for yourself at …

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Have Better Sex

shutterstock-sex-coupleAlright ladies and gentlemen, here is a quick down and dirty ‘how to guide’ for sex. We’re only going to cover the basics so if you’re into some weird shit go read 50 Shades of Grey or something.

So first of all, decide that you want to have sex, and get a full absolute confirmation from your partner that they also want to have sex. Just because they don’t say ‘no’ doesn’t mean that the answer it yes. Don’t get in trouble because of miscommunication. Be confident in telling someone you want to have sex with them.

Once the party …

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Are Your Friendships Healthy Enough?

angels-victorias-secret-angels-27686994-800-562Many scientific studies have proven and established the direct connection between friendships among girls, and how these bonds help in enabling them to live a healthy and long life.

So, how healthy do you think you are? Do you often feel lonely, unfulfilled, depressed or sad at times?

If your answer to these questions is yes, are you able to find time for day-to-day interactions with your friends?

Whether you have just joined university and are juggling between study routines and extra-curricular activities, putting in tireless efforts every day to climb the corporate ladder, or are happy and contended with …

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How to Stay Safe in the Dating World

I’m not afraid to admit that I enjoy sex. In fact, it’s one of my favourite activities. But as a single girl I have to be careful and make sure that every sexual encounter is a safe on. Here are a few rules to follow to ensure your sexual experiences are as safe as they are satisfying.

  1. Choose your partner carefully. This is important for your physical and emotional safety. If you’re at a bar looking to hook up pay attention to the way a potential partner treats the people around him. However he treats the people around him will
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Shopping for Your Man

I am a woman who loves to shop. Whether I’m depressed, celebrating, or just plain bored my favourite way to spend my time is browsing malls, specialty boutiques and home stores for the perfect purchase. I make plenty of money to support my habit and I’m fortunate enough to have a boyfriend who indulges my passion for buying new and exciting things. Occasionally I like to reward his indulgence by buying him a special little something that lets him know how much I love him.

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for your man is that …

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My Anastasia Steele Moment With Kegel Balls

I’ve always been a fan of erotic literature; the Fifty Shades of Grey books are among my favourites in my collection. The steamy BDSM scenes are inspiring but reenacting most of them would require a partner. As a single girl the last thing I wanted to do was bring home a new guy and ask him to dominate me in the bedroom; not only would that be awkward, it could also be incredibly dangerous. There was, however, one particular scene from the books I was able to recreate alone. After reading the first scene involving Ben Wa Balls I knew …

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