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Picobong Outie Vibe Cerise Review

ss-1000000272I have to admit that my bedside drawer is almost overflowing with sex toys. Even though it looks like the drawer is about to burst I realized that there was something missing. With all those vibrators around I didn’t have a single one that was small enough to pack away and take with me on my vacation.

The solution was simple, all I had to do was go to my favorite sex store online and browse through the selection of Mini & Small vibes. I found the perfect vibe right away with the Picobong Outie Vibe Cerise. I love this little vibe, it’s the perfect size and fits into my palm easily, plus it’s a bright pink colour. It is tiny enough that it fits into a pocket inside my handbag, and I don’t have to worry of about Airport Security having a little fun playing with my toys as they check out my baggage.

Behind the scenes

Being able to pack away easily is one thing, but the convenient size wouldn’t mean anything if this vibe wasn’t so incredibly powerful and satisfying to use. Best of all I can even take it with me into the water without electrocuting myself thanks to the waterproof technology contained inside it.

I was fairly sure when I bought the Picobong Outie Vibe if that it would just be a convenient toy to take along on vacation and that would be the end of it, but it is so effective I find myself choosing it from my drawer of goodies almost every time.