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Three must try masturbation tips for women

or_f030f0a112169198971809-medium_newThe most indulgent pampering session known to womankind is masturbation; orgasms are good for your health, they can make you look younger and help you live longer, and there’s no risk of pregnancy or STDs. All you have to do is lie back, relax and enjoy the wave of pleasure.

Here are some of my favourite tips when it comes to masturbation

Start with gentle brush strokes. To get yourself in the mood grab a clean bronzer brush, lay on the bed and open your legs wide. Using gentle-barely there strokes, slowly move the brush between the divide of your labidia. Your clitoris will harden and start pulsating for more.

Lube yourself up for pleasure. Lube will make any solo experience feel more warm and sensual, rock your body to the rhythm of your wet moving hand – try to build it up slowly otherwise it will be over to quick. My local adult toy store has over 200 different types of lube to choose from, and the best thing is that they get delivered to your letterbox with discretion – nobody will be none the wiser what you get up to when your home alone.

Try warming up your lube. To turn things up a notch float a tube of standard water-based lube in a bowl of hot water for five minutes, then test the lube on your wrist to make sure it’s not too hot. Now put on some soothing music, lay down somewhere comfortable, open your legs and sigh as you’re intimate parts are blanketed in seductive wet warmth.