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Why Sleeping With Your Friend is a Bad Idea

lg_c373fe07122890576132439It can sometimes be very tempting to turn your friend into your friend with benefits. You enjoy their company, why not get even more out of the relationship by enjoying their body? Here are some reasons you should leave your friendship platonic.

Platonic friendships between two people of the opposite sex are difficult enough to achieve without bringing sex into the mix; inevitably one person will have more serious feelings than the other. If you’re the one interested in having a serious relationship, having sex with your friend will only lead to heartache. Increased intimacy will increase your feelings toward your friend, who will likely be more than willing to enjoy a friends with benefits arrangement with you. But regardless of how much emotional support and kinky encounters you give them, nothing will make your friend fall in love with you if they don’t share your feelings in the first place. They will likely take advantage of what you’re offering until they find someone they ARE interested in pursuing a relationship with. Then you will be left jealous, confused and without your friend to help you through it.

If you are in the opposite situation and you’re friend proposes a sexual relationship with you consider their feelings carefully. Don’t take advantage of what your friend offers unless you’re sure you’re on the same page emotionally.

Regardless of who has feelings for whom, both people in the friendship must be honest about their emotions to keep sex from destroying the relationship.

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